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MetaTrader 5

Start trading on the world’s most advanced platform!

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More Tools

More Tools

Spot the most promising trading opportunities with 38 built-in technical indicators, 21 time-frames, and 44 graphical objects.

More Trading Power

More Trading Power

Gain more control over your trades with different types of orders, modes of execution, and market depth.

More Options

More Options

Access a wider range of plugins, custom indicators, and EAs to help you build your own robots and put your trading on autopilot!

MT5: The ultimate platform for traders of all levels!

Featuring all the pioneering capabilities of the MT4, the MT5 offers even more advanced trading functions and automation tools designed to take your trading experience to the next level!

One platform. 
Over 200 Assets.

Access a world of trading opportunities on the 
MetaTrader 5!

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Experience the power of the MT5 on any device

Unlock your full trading potential with MT5’s improved speed, functionality, and algorithmic efficiency.

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WM Markets MT5 FAQs

How can I open an MT5 account with WM Markets?

To open a Live MT5 account with WM Markets, please follow the below steps:

A- If you are are not registered with WM Markets:
1. Visit the and click on ” Open Account”.
2. Under the Sign Up section, fill out the required information and click “Sign Up” (Choose Account Type “Live”).
3. Check your inbox! You will receive an email with a link to verify your email address.
4. Click on the link to receive a message confirming your verification with a login button. Click “Login” to enter the WM Portal.
5. Log in using the email and password that you used for registration.
7. Complete your profile and press Finish.
8. Upload the required personal documents.
9. On the WM Portal Home, click on “New Live Account”.
10. Choose your preferred Currency, Account Type (MT5), and confirm your password.
11. Once you click “Create an Account”, your Live account details will appear. You will also receive the details in an email:
a. Login: “Ac Number”
b. Password: As specified by you during registration.
12. You can now proceed to Download your preferred MT5 platform. Use your Account Number and registered password to log in to the MT5.

B- If you are already registered to the WM Portal:
1- Log in to your WM Portal.
2- Type the email and password that you used for registration.
3- Click on “Sign in” and follow steps 9 to 12.

What instruments can I trade on the MT5?

WM Markets enables you to trade more than 200 CFD instruments on its MetaTrader 5 platforms, including Forex pairs, Cryptocurrencies, Indices, ETFs, Shares, Treasuries, Metals, Energies, and Commodities. You can access a detailed list of all the available CFD instruments you can trade with WM Markets on our Product Outline page.

What tools and benefits does the MT5 offer?

The MT5 is a feature-rich trading platform that offers a wide range of tools and benefits for traders, including:
• Multi-asset trading: With WM Markets you have the ability to trade over 200 instruments on the MT5, including Forex, Shares, Indices, Cryptocurrencies, Metals, ETFs, Energies and commodities .

• Advanced trading systems: The MetaTrader 5 supports both netting and hedging systems, as well as advanced order types.

• Technical analysis: You can access over 38 built-in indicators, 44 analytical objects, and 21 time-frames on the MT5 for an in depth analysis on every asset.

• Algorithmic trading: The MT5 allows you to create, plug in, and back test Expert Advisors or trading robots for algorithmic trading.

• Fundamental analysis tools: Gain unlimited access to the latest financial news and watch the world’s biggest economic releases live on MT5’s embedded Economic Calendar

• Customization: With MetaTrader 5, you will be able to personalize your charts and indicators to fit your trading preferences.

• Accessibility: Access the MT5 anywhere, anytime, using desktop, web, or mobile platforms.

What’s the difference between the MT5 and MT4?

The MetaTrader 5 (MT5) and MetaTrader 4 (MT4) are the world’s leading platforms for online trading developed by MetaQuotes Software, but they cater to different market needs and have distinct features.

Here is a summary of their key differences:

• Technical Indicators and Timeframes: The MT5 offers more technical indicators (38 vs. 30) and timeframes (21 vs. 9), providing traders with the option to conduct a more in-depth analysis of price trends.

• Economic Calendar: The MT5 includes an integrated Economic Calendar, while both the MT4 and MT5 include an internal messaging system where you will receive the latest updates with regards to your trading.

• Depth of Market: MT5 features a Depth of Market display, which is not available in MT4.

• Netting and Hedging: MT5 supports both netting and hedging order accounting systems, while MT4 only supports hedging.

• Programming Language: Both platforms use different programming languages for their automated trading scripts—MT5 uses MQL5, which allows for more complex strategies and faster backtesting than MT4’s MQL4

• Strategy Tester: MT5’s strategy tester is multi-threaded, multi-currency, and supports real tick data, in contrast to MT4’s single-threaded tester

• Execution Types: The MT5 supports more advanced types of order execution

You can visit the WM Markets MT4 page to download your preferred MetaTrader 4 platform and the WM Markets MT5 page to download your preferred MetaTrader 5 platform.

Is Metatrader 5 available on mobile devices?

The MT5 mobile app is available for both Android and iOS devices and allows you to access your trading accounts from any location, at any time.

The MT5 mobile app provides advanced charting, multiple order types, and real-time quotes and news. With the MT5 app you can also oversee your trades, implement stop-loss and take-profit orders, and track your portfolio’s performance. Additionally, the app grants access to the MT5 marketplace, offering a selection of custom indicators and Expert Advisors (EAs) for trade automation.

You can download the MT5 mobile application on the AppStore or GooglePlay directly or on the WM Markets MT5 platforms page.

How can I log in to my MT5 platform?

If you are already registered with WM Markets, you can use your Account number as provided on your WM Portal and your registered password to login to any MT5 platform.

Simply launch the MT5 platform and follow the below steps:

Go to the ‘navigator window’ and Right-click on the “Account” option.
Click on “Login to Trade Account”.
Enter your Trading ID (WM Markets Account Number) and registered Password.
Select the server name (Live or Demo) and click “OK” to be signed in to your MT5.